Free or paid hosting - Advantages and Disadvantages

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Often our clients ask: "Why should I pay for web hosting when I can get it for free?"

Well, the answer is not simple. Your decision to use free or paid web hosting depends on what your needs are, based on the type of website you want to have. You should know that, business websites, where you want to make money (lots of money) are not the same thing as a personal blog, where you just want to write about your daily lives. The goal is totally different.

If you want to win a car race, do you use expensive Ferrari or cheap city car? On the other hand, if you go to the supermarket, do you use a Ferrari or a city car? There are different options for different goals.

And the same is for a web hosting.

So, first you have to understand what do you need, then pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of free and paid web hosting.

Free Hosting

The advantages of free hosting

  • it is free
  • no maintenance
  • ready for immediate use (eg.

The disadvantages of free hosting

  • usually you do not have your own domain
  • slow loading
  • poor customer support
  • more restrictions
  • fewer resources (disk space, monthly traffic, the number of databases)
  • no SSL, so you can not have an internet shop
  • very frequent ads and sometimes pop-up windows
  • no access to .htaccess file, therefore you can not redirect a single page
  • no custom error pages
  • very often you can not make your template page layout, then export your layout or yout template to use it on another hosting if you decide to change
  • more downtimes
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Responsive web sites

Responsive web sites

Responsive Web Sites is adaptive to a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

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